Who We Are

If you’ve ever been to a summer camp, you may think you know what Camp Get-A-Way is all about, but there’s a cause behind every campfire here. We believe that camp is for everyone, because that is who we are.

A Culture of care

Camp Get-A-Way sets itself apart by being a summer camp for mental health at every level. Each activity, skill, and conversation is planned with a desire to support children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges.

All of our staff and volunteers undergo special training in Family Support Principles to ensure they are equipped to help families with a wide variety of needs.

Most of them also work with the New York Office of Mental Health Programs or New York Family Support Programs, so they are prepared to help.

who we are
who we are

We carefully plan activities that will be engaging, encouraging, and—most importantly—fun. Truly, fun is who we are.

Whether your family is interested in archery, paddle-boating, or mastering the art of tie-dye, there are countless opportunities to try new things and make memories.

At Camp Get-A-Way, fun serves a purpose. It's who we are.
Families can reconnect, de-stress, and unplug as they experience all the hallmarks of summer camp with a little more—a chance to spend time with other families who understand.

Camp Get-A-Way is structured with family in mind. Along with individual activities, we plan time for the whole family to do things together like movie nights, bingo, and—of course—campfires.

If your child might feel overwhelmed in a normal summer camp, don’t worry—you’ll be by their side to support them the whole way.

who we are
who we are

Kids can’t have all the fun, so Camp Get-A-Way is also filled with opportunities for parents to connect with each other and learn.

During morning and evening coffee hour, we’ll offer practical resources, tips, and encouragement for supporting your child with behavioral, emotional, or mental health challenges.

Parents will leave knowing that they aren’t alone.

Want to bring Camp Get-A-Way to your state?

Camp is for everyone. But there are a lot of kids and families who don’t get to experience fun in a safe and supportive environment simply because Camp Get-A-Way isn't in their state yet. One day we hope that camp will be everywhere, but for now, let's talk about how we can bring Camp Get-A-Way to your state!

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