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Summer camp isn’t just for kids.
During Camp Get-A-Way, we make a point of supporting parents where they’re at to offer encouragement and instruction for how to be the best parents they can be.

At Camp Get-A-Way, we support whole families, and part of the way we do that is by making sure parents have a space to rest, relax, and learn. Throughout your time at camp, we’ll connect you with other parents who also have children with behavioral, emotional, or mental health needs, and we’ll remind you that you aren’t alone.

If you’re concerned about whether camp is the right fit for your child, you can rest assured that we believe parents know best, which is why you’ll be by your child’s side for most of the experience, ready to cheer them on as they go fishing, tie-dye a shirt, or toast a marshmallow.

supporting parents

Along with the fun—don’t worry, you’ll still be making s’mores—we have daily workshops with opportunities for you to share the struggles you experience as parents, and you’ll have a chance to learn tips and strategies for your understanding your child. By the end of the camp, you’ll have a metaphorical toolbox of insights that can help you respond better the next time your child has a bad day.

Likewise, we know that being a parent can feel incredibly isolating, and summer camp is the perfect place to push back against that feeling. By spending time with other parents who have children with diverse needs, you’ll build a community that doesn’t have to end at camp. We believe that there is healing in togetherness, so one of the most important things we do here is support parents by bringing them together. Still have questions about the experience? Come visit. We're here for you.

Camp Get-A-Way is for you if:

  • You have a child with behavioral, emotional, or mental health challenges

  • You like summer, fun, and learning

  • You sometimes feel burnt out as a parent and wish there were others who understand

  • You want extra support as parents

  • You need a break from the daily rhythms of parenting

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