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Camp Get-A-Way has a long history of making summer camp for everyone, and with decades of experience and dedicated staff, volunteers, and campers, we make each year even better than the year before.

A history of care

In 2002, Camp Get-A-Way was born out of the vision to be a summer camp for mental health care. We believed then—and still do—that camp can be a place of healing, encouragement, and fun for families, free from the fear of stigma surrounding mental health or behavioral challenges.
Over two decades ago, five New York parents—Pam Brannan, Nancy Craig, Liz Hodgedon, Marge Wright, and Vicky McCarthy—were united in their desire to see better support for their children with behavioral, emotional, and mental health challenges. Being a parent can feel isolating even in the best of circumstances, and these five women wanted to encourage others.
One of these mothers was inspired to start a camp after reflecting on how powerful and healing camping had been for her and her family, especially the way it often replaced painful memories with good ones and gave her family a place to work through difficult situations.

Her co-founders quickly caught the vision, and they collectively began taking the steps to formally start Camp Get-A-Way.
Since its creation, Camp Get-A-Way has been noted for its successful efforts to create a summer camp for mental health, including being recognized with a “What’s Great in Our State” award from the state of New York.
After a year of careful planning, strategic efforts to collect supplies, and a successful mission to finding like-minded volunteers, the first iteration of Camp Get-A-Way was held at Covenant Acres Camp in New York.

Over the past twenty-plus years, the initial vision of creating a camp for mental health has continued to grow as more people get involved and more families attend.
The heart and hope of the founders is that parents would be willing to move past their fears—fears of the unknown, that they can’t do it, that their child will embarrass them, that others will see and judge—and just come.

Come take a chance and experience the hope and help that’s found in community.

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