Give & Change Lives

Our work is made possible through generous donations of time and finances. Whether you volunteer or support Camp Get-A-Way financially, it continues our ongoing history of being a summer camp for mental health—because camp is for everyone.

Why Give?

Camp Get-A-Way is uniquely positioned to support families of children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges, but it wouldn’t happen without people sharing the vision.
Through your generosity, we are able to retain amazing facilities and plan exciting activities every year,

Your donation goes directly to supporting the our goal of creating a welcoming, comfortable environment for everyone.
Without your donations, Camp Get-A-Way would not be able to connect parents with the resources we offer, particularly our workshops with practical strategies for supporting children with diverse needs.

With your help, families leave Camp Get-A-Way re-energized and ready to encourage their children.
Since its creation, Camp Get-A-Way has been noted for its successful efforts to create a summer camp for mental health, including being recognized with a “What’s Great in Our State” award from the state of New York.
Every year, donations support the creation of a limited number of scholarships for families who want to attend Camp Get-A-Way but find it cost-prohibitive.

By giving, you ensure that camp truly is for everyone.
Your donations also ensure that all of our staff and volunteers can be specially trained to meaningfully support every camper, with special attention to behavioral, emotional, or mental health needs,

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