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Lauren Hayes

Board Member
As a longtime resident of New York from Whitney Point, Lauren is a Board member at Camp Get-A-Way. She is also an avid learner of new things, which is why looking for opportunities to build memories with her daughter Gabby led her here. She was first introduced to Camp Get-A-Way when Gabby was receiving treatments at a residential treatment facility, and she was blown away by the sense of community she felt at Camp Get-A-Way. Lauren got to witness Gabby, who had struggled to make friends due to anxiety, kayaking with the rest of the kids and fitting in.
Lauren thinks the impact of Camp Get-A-Way could best be described as ‘being surrounded by people who understand where you come from.’ Her first visit lifted a weight off her shoulders, and she knows that she isn’t alone in that experience. Parents and kids get to enjoy being a family instead of focusing on diagnosis, meetings, therapy, and paperwork. Lauren and Gabby made rewarding memories together at Camp Get-A-Way, which makes serving on the Board that much more rewarding, as Lauren knows that Camp Get-A-Way leaves a lasting impact on other families!

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