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Al Ferreira

Camp Director
Born in Brazil, Al Ferreira now lives in Wyoming County, NY—where there are more cows than people.
Even outside of his role at Camp Get-a-Way as a Camp Director for overnight summer programs, he’s spent a lot of time camping. In fact, for over 43 summers, Al has served as a nonprofit professional developing more than 54,000 young leaders through outdoor education and residential youth camps.
Some friends of Al’s in the camping industry had seen the impact that Camp Get-a-Way had had on families and encouraged him to check it out. Throughout his experiences with Camp Get-a-Way, Al’s favorite part is that it creates a space for everyone to go to camp and get outdoors. Recently, he was talking with a parent who’d never had a s’more over a campfire before. While enjoying a s’more might feel like a little detail, it can mean a lot for a family that’s never been able to go to camp before. For Al, it’s all about seeing those little details and big impact come together at Camp Get-a-Way!

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