The "magic" of hope.

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The "magic" of hope.

During a particularly rough time with my oldest son, my family was invited to Camp Get-A-Way. It felt as if I was always living under an overpowering weight of shame, guilt, and blame which so often paralyzes many parents of unpredictable children.

Camp Get-A-Way was a turning point. From that experience, I was hooked on the “magic” of Camp Get-A-Way. The magic was hope. Camp Get-A-Way helped me see the rainbows within my own family and take step back from the madness to laugh and enjoy the family I’d been given.

Families come to Camp Get-A-Way and create a community of support. I can’t even tell you how many times I have heard, “I thought I was the only one,” from families on the last day of camp. Camp Get-A-Way lets the whole family come together and create memories that will help them get through the rough times. And by creating experiences for the whole family, no one gets lost or overshadowed by a diagnosis. Camp Get-A-Way is the “magic” that breathes hope into amazing families.


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