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                  Family Scholarship Money for Community Based Family Support Programs

      Policy for accessing scholarship money for attendance at Camp Get-A-Way:

  • A Family must be connected to and actively participating in a Community Based Family Support Program.
  • A family cannot be connected to or be receiving services through Community Based services, long term care facility, foster care or any other services that has flex or transitional dollar attached to them.
  • This must be a family's first time attending camp and only one scholarship per family.
  • The family must complete an application in its entirety and submit all requirements before attending camp.
  • The manager or director will sign off on the provider’s statement of the application.
  • The manager or director will write across top of application that the family is seeking a scholarship.
  • The application will be mailed or faxed along with sending the application fee of $20.00 to attention of the President (Wendy DeRouen) for approval.
  • It is an expectation of Camp Get-A-Way that all families pay the $20.00 application fee themselves as their investment in attending camp.
  • It is the responsibility of the Community Based Family Support Program to ensure that the above guidelines are followed.

Wendy DeRouen
President Camp Get-A-Way