Going beyond expectations.

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Going beyond expectations.

Fifteen years ago, I was asked to bring my skills and years of experience in the mental health field to come help with Camp Get-A-Way. Over the years, I ran respite for children, served as a one-on-one support person, and assisted with crisis response. I’ve loved supporting parents and youth each year at Camp Get-A-Way.

I kept coming back and encouraging others to do likewise because the clients and families that I worked with were able to participate in activities positively and successfully. They did things that I had never seen them do or thought they were able to do. This experience allowed me to encourage clients to do more than I thought they were able to do before.

I love seeing families that struggle have positive interactions with each other and other families. There’s nothing like seeing a huge smile on the face of a kid after they hit the target with an arrow!

Camp Get-A-Way truly helps families experience a short vacation where they can enjoy new experiences, strengthen their family relationships, and learn new skills through support from their peers and professionals.


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