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                             Frequently Ask Question

What safety measures are in place for the camp? 
Certified lifeguards are present whenever waterfront is open, and there is no use of waterfront if lifeguard is not present. Nursing staff is always present and available 24 hours a day. The camp is linked with community resources from Wyoming County - fire, police, and town supervisors are often present at camp.

How is the camp specially equipped to serve families with mental health issues?
Many staff work in NYS Office of Mental Health programs and include members from the Wyoming County Mental Health Department. Volunteers with backgrounds in this area come from as far away as California. Many, many of our volunteers work in the Family Support Programs of NYS. Our camp is driven by Family Support principles.

Is there electricity in the cabins?
Yes, but bring extension cords.
What is the inside of the cabins like? 

Rustic, dormitory style. If you have back problems, bring a back board.         

Are there refrigerators in the cabins? 

Can we cook in the cabins?
No, meals and snacks are served in the dining hall.

Why are medications locked in the Nurse’s cabin?
This is for safety. The family cabins do not lock. Parents are responsible to give family members their medications; the nurses do not dispense medications.

Can we bring our pets?
No pets of any kind are allowed.

What is the weather like?
Camp is located in a rural county. It can be cool at night. It is best to bring warm clothing including sweaters, umbrellas and jackets. It can be muddy, so a change of footwear is recommended. Close-toed shoes are a must for some activities.

What should I bring?
For babies and toddlers: cribs/port-a-crib, diapers, baby food/formula and any extra “baby items” you would use at home. Other items include bedding, fishing poles, sweat shirts, rain jackets, long pants, shoes or sneakers, flash lights, tooth brushes and toiletries. These are just a few of the listed items you should bring. Please refer back to “Things to bring to camp” for a more complete list.

Are there outhouses?
There are male and female showers and bathrooms.

Do my children have to be with me at all times?
Parents are responsible for knowing where their children are at all times. Children 15 and younger must be with a parent or parent’s designee age 18 or older.

Can we have campfires at our cabins?
No, but there is a campfire at CGAW on designated night as designated and supervised by staff.

Is there smoking at camp?
Yes, in designated areas only.

Do we have to participate in all activities?
No, you may participate in as many or as few as you choose.