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                                Families Comments and Reviews

     I just wanted  to say thank for the wonderful experience!!! I have struggled with the  and the judgments everywhere that I have gone with my son....until now. While at Camp Get-A-Way, I was surrounded by so many wonderful families who didn't judge my son or I, and have accepted us into their families. I myself, tend to struggle with social issues like my son, and the few days leading up to camp I was trying to find excuses not to go. But instead I forced myself to go, and I am now glad that I did. I have never been any place, even my families houses, where I felt accepted, loved and not judged until finding this wonderful Get-A-Way! Also, my son doesn't get invited anywhere, or have any friends, but for the first time in his 10 years of existence, he was invited to the house of one of the families we met at camp. That really hit me deep and made feel like there really is hope! I can't express enough, how much acceptance we received while at camp. I don't even get that kind of acceptance from my family, when they should be the first one's to accept us. Instead, it comes from complete strangers, who have now become my true family. My son is already asking when we are going back, and if our program will pay for it, maybe I can make his wish come true during the October Session. I am hoping to bring my other son and my parents, and to see the other families that I talked to that were also planning on trying to go to the October Session. We hit it off so well with some of the families that we have already discussed setting up our own camping weekend together when we aren't all able to make it to Camp Get-A-Way. Again, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!!

Barb and Shane
Session 3: August 24 - August 27, 2011


Here's what other parents had to say...The thing I enjoyed MOST at camp:

"We had such a great time."

 "Watching the kids have fun and fishing with the kids"

 "Horseback riding."

"Activities with children."

"Family was together."

"Community feeling."

"It was great to reconnect as a family."

"All the support from families and staff."

"Loved the parent coffee hour."

"Sharing with other families. Everyone could be themselves."

"The whole experience of being with families who also have children with disabilities."

 And some things the youth enjoyed most: