Camp Get -A-Way

Strengthening and Supporting New York Families Since 2002

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                                          About Us

Camp Get-A-Way is a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to the mission of strengthening and supporting families of children having an emotional, behavioral, or mental illness.  The concept for camp was developed by parents living in the Western New York area. 

Camp Get-A-Way offers families in New York State the opportunity to participate in recreational and skill-building activities in a traditional summer camp environment. These activities help them rediscover the joy of being a family and teach them to better communicate with each other, without worry of discrimination or the stigma of being associated with mental health issues.

Summer camp sessions held at Bristol Hills 4-H Camp 4437 Kear Road, Canandaigua, NY  14442 Phone numbers: (585) 350-9482, Fax: (716) 604-1962.

Board Of Directors

Wendy DeRouen - President -         (585) 350-9482 

James Thibert - Vice President -             (315) 945-7822   

Alicia Grandy - Health Director-            (585) 690-4989

Shawn Tiedes - Teasurer  -                  (585) 350-9482

John D'Armiento - Secretary -     (585) 689-2233
Karen DeRouen - Special Operations -           

Renee Abbott - Donations -   
Regina Brewer - Donations - 

Barbara McMillon- Donations -

Sherika Hall-   Fundraiser and special operation-

Tomicka Madison- Fundraiser and special operation

Amy Holloman- Donation and Health services

Brandon Ragland- Honorary Board Member 2018