about us

In 2002, Camp Get-A-Way was founded to empower and support families whose children struggle with an emotional, behavioral, or mental illness. Coming alongside these families, we seek to create safe camp experiences where families can just be families.

In a traditional camp environment, Camp Get-A-Way offers New York families the opportunity to rediscover the joy of being a family without worry of discrimination or the stigma often associated with mental health issues.


Camp Get-A-Way was founded in 2002 by Western New York parents, Pam Brannan, Nancy Craig, Liz Hodgedon, Marge Wright, and Vicky McCarthy. With a heart to support and empower families dealing with emotional, behavioral, or mental illness, they created a camp experience where families could be strengthened, encouraged, and empowered while creating positive lasting memories. 

Since its founding, Camp Get-A-Way has been honored by New York State with a “What’s Great in Our State” award. 

Camp Get-A-Way is a New York 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

board of directors

Camp Get-A-Way is under the leadership of a Board of Directors who provide oversight, skills, and counsel. To say they love Camp Get-A-Way is an understatement. During our summer sessions, many of them serve on our staff team, sharing their skills, expertise, and passion for helping families navigate mental health.